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Singapore is a small country. In fact, it may be the size of some country’s city. That does not mean there is a shortage of things to do in this country though. There are a lot of tourists that go here because of the many things to do. Tourist spots exist in bunches so you will get motivated to book a trip to this awesome place. In fact, three days won’t be enough for a vacation here especially if two of those days are your flight go and back to Singapore. Here are five things to do while you are in Singapore:
Go to Marina Bay Sands
There is a swimming pool on top of a hotel in Singapore called Marina Bay which is why it is named that way. There are loads of tourists that stay there even if the prices are very high. Unfortunately, only guests can take a dip at the pool. Other tourists can just take pictures while at the top of the hotel. You can also order drinks at the bar while taking loads of pictures. Since you need to pay a fee just to get to the top of Marina Bay Sands, you may as well take full advantage of it. You can’t blame yourself if you feel jealous of the people who can swim there. Thus, you can find other people who will share the room with you since it is pretty expensive. When you get down, there are also some shops.
Go to Chinatown
If you are staying at Chinatown, walk to the Hawker food court there and enjoy some cheap street food. If you are not staying at Chinatown, don’t worry because it is just one train ride away. There are a lot of cheap hostels at Chinatown that is near the train station anyway. As expected, the place has a lot of souvenir shops. You will see a lot of cheap finds that you can take home to your loved ones. It really depends on your budget but you won’t be able to blame yourself if you go over that.
Visit Gardens by the Bay at Night
Gardens by the Bay is known for its wonderful lights show during night time. You will be treated to a show of epic proportions. There are some parts where you don’t have to pay a cent while there are parts where you need to pay extra. It really depends on where you plan on taking pictures. Keep in mind going around the entire bay is a long walk so better wear your best walking shoes. It will never be a good idea to wear slippers in this place. The place is so big that you can easily get lost. Good thing, the place has a lot of workers scattered throughout the area. They will know if you are lost and they will gladly point you to where you should go as long as you ask nicely.
Check Out Sentosa
Sentosa is an island but it is so close to Singapore that you can actually walk going there coming from the mall that is near it. It is also possible to take a cab or ride a bus going there if you are too lazy to walk. If it is sunny, you are going to perspire a lot though. There are a couple of beaches there but it is not ideal to swim. Perhaps, the place most people go to Sentosa for is Universal Studios. It is a theme park that got famous in Los Angeles and this is its second branch in Southeast Asia. There are many things to do inside the theme park including fun-filled rides and stunt shows. One reminder when you decide to watch the stunt show though. You must never sit at the front seats if you don’t want to get wet. They use a lot of water so the people seated at the front row seats get wet a lot. You can enter a studio where you will feel like you’re in a movie. They will show you what they do when you see fire and flood in the movies. You are going to find out it is not that hard to pull off those things. They also show a movie that is in 5D so you need to wear glasses to experience it. Now, that is definitely a great experience just from the sound of it.
Ride the Singapore Flyer
The Singapore Flyer is like a Ferris wheel. The only difference is it is pretty big and it will give you a great view when you are at the very top. Those who are afraid of heights should not even think about riding this contraption. They even offer an option where you can dine while riding it. Thus, you can expect it move along really slow when you choose that option. You’re going to pay a lot of money just to ride the flyer so you may as well make the most out of it. While looking out, you will see almost the entire country. It is definitely a fantastic view so better take a lot of pictures. This is one time when you should make sure that your smartphone is fully charged.
Now that you know what you must do in Singapore, better put those things on the list so you won’t forget them. It is possible to do at least 3 of them in one day as long as you manage your time. Of course, that would mean you should not spend too much time in one place. You must move fast to the next destination so you can maximize your stay in this country. As you will notice, everyone moves fast so you must do the same. The next thing you should do is check the flights so you can find the cheapest ones. It really depends on where you will be coming from. if you are also coming from Southeast Asia then you should not spend a lot of money on the flights.