Badho Bahu

Likewise, Suhani’s grandmother-in-regulation (Yuraj’s grandmother) hates Suhani because she thinks she isn’t always lovely enough. The plot thickens as two new human beings inside the story, Menka and Ragini persuade Dadi to win the heart of Soumya in an effort to deliver Soumya returned in Yuvraj’s lifestyles. Suhani brings Soumya to Birla House as she thinks that Krishna is torturing her. Dadi, Ragini and Menka make many tries to deliver Soumya near Yuvraj, however Pratima and Sharad oppose them. Dadi issues Suhani.

Eventually Soumya falls in love with Yuvraj and attempts to come back among Suhani and Yuvraj. Suhani remains unaware. Soumya makes many tries to impress Yuvraj and sooner or later confesses her love however Yuvraj has no emotions for her. Soumya, Dadi, Ragini & Menka try to preserve Suhani far from Yuvraj however Yuvraj is on Pratima and Sharad’s aspect as he knows that Soumya is too clever and Suhani is harmless. Soumya plans to befriend Yuvraj and acts sweet to the innocent Suhani so she will be able to take Suhani’s area with out her information. Yuvraj finds out approximately Soumya’s intentions and horrific deeds. Suhani comes to recognize the reality about her marriage and is heartbroken. Yuvraj makes a plan together with her if you want to throw Soumya out of the residence. Meanwhile, Yuvraj falls into unrealized love for Suhani and takes Suhani’s assist to get Krishna and Soumya collectively once more.

The show has been able to maintain and be the part of the race of the tellywood industry which has been the symbol of enormous successful results.The show has seen many ups and downs though the show successfully was abled to maintain its success story.