Basement Company

Basement Company is a Indian comedy drama video web series directed by Divyanshu Malhotra and produced by Archit Bansal. The web series is streaming on MX player and will be released in multiple languages Hindi, Tamil and Telugu with english subtitles. The story is based on the three friends who got their first job and the difficulties they face. Rahul, Raj and Simran bagged their first job in a music startup company called PunjabiBeats based in Gurugram. Due to the structural changes in the company the trio was forced to work in the basement. All this was done to attract the investors. It was challenging to work in a basement with bad internet connection, leaked ceiling and depression ambience. The story will keep you engrossed till the end of the web series. As the story progresses their friendship deepened and they decided to quit the job. It will take you to the journey of the struggles which we face during our first job and will refresh your memories and for those who haven’t done a job yet will get a glimpse of life at their first job. The story has all the elements of love and friendships that we have at the start of our career. The cinematography and screenplay of the web series is a visual treat for the audience. The web series is released on 24th June 2020. The series has a total of 4 episodes with the running time of 25-30 minutes. It features an ensemble cast consisting of Gagan Arora playing the role of Raj, Apoorva Arora playing the role of Simran and Mayur More playing the role of Rahul.