Bigg Boss 14: ‘ Toofani Senior’ Sidharth Shukla uncovered in an unedited clasp that his folks got him for taking from his dad’s wallet. He said he used to take cash so as to dazzle young ladies.

Sidharth Shukla is making some ‘toofani’ memories on Bigg Boss 14 as he appreciates the benefits of being a ‘senior’ and has no unique obligations doled out to him. He as of late imparted a pleasant beloved memory to his kindred housemates. He said that he used to take cash from his dad’s wallet however was gotten one day through a stunt played by his folks.

Sidharth reviewed subtleties of his school life when he used to cautiously take cash from his father’s wallet to intrigue young ladies. In a Bigg Boss Extra Masala cut shared on Voot, Sidharth is seen having a real to life discussion with individual seniors Hina Khan and Gauahar Khan, and different challengers including Rahul Vaidya.

Thinking back about his initial school days, Sidharth said he attempted to “patao” young ladies with no cash to spend. He said he figured out how to take some cash from his father, “Father ka wallet hamesha bhara hua rehta tha. Aur voh aapne paise methodicallly rakhte the, note shrewd. Pehle 500 ke, phir 100, phir 50, aur side pe aise 100 ke note dale tint. Toh maine socha yaar, itna paise, ghanta samajh principle aaega kya paisa kahan hai. Maine socha yeh rib side pe dad bhar ke rakhte hain, mujhe nahi laga gin ke raha hoga, 2-3 baar maine liya. Aur simple father ko cushion gaya malum. (Father’s wallet consistently used to be stacked. He used to keep his cash efficiently, according to the estimation of the money note. Initial 500 rupee notes, at that point 100 rupees, at that point 50 rupees and about 100 rupee notes as an afterthought. I thought father keeps so numerous 100 rupee notes as an afterthought that he should not keep a tally of them. I took cash 2-3 times from that side of the wallet. Yet, my father became acquainted with about it).”Sidharth at that point proceeded to uncover a shrewd way his folks found an answer for the issue. He discussed how one day before leaving for office, his father told the family that he was losing cash. His mom at that point breathtakingly recommended, “Ek kaam karo. Paisa kum hota hai na, aap likho kitna paise kum hua hai aur usko rakh do andar. Uska chit rakh do, aur phir kum hoga toh dekhte hain (Do a certain something. You are stating you are losing cash, at whatever point you lose cash, compose the sum on a bit of paper and keep it in your wallet.