Choti Bahu- Sawar Ke Rang Rachi is a romantic-drama soap opera TV series produced by Tony Singh and Deeya Singh. It was created by DJ’s Creative Unit. Choti Bahu- Sawar Ke Rang Rachi premiered on Zee TV 15th February, 2011.The story follows Radhika, who is adopted and raised by a family of weavers in a small town. Dev met Radhika in a town, and they became friends. One day, Radhika and Dev were playing in a temple, they mistakenly reach a place where 50 couples were getting married. Unknowingly Dev applies sindoor on Radhika’s forehead which ties them together as husband and wife. A priest who eye-witnessed Dev and Radhika’s “wedding” went to Radhika’s home and tells her parents that Radhika is married.Serial takes a leap of 12 years, Dev meets Radhika. They both spend time together and she feels bad that she is attracted to someone else. Later on, Radhika learns that Dev was the one whom she got married at the time of childhood and tells him the truth. Radhika tries to convince Dev but he refuses. Dev forces Radhika to tie the knot with Rohan. One day, unfortunate event happens which causes fire in which Rohan gets badly scorched. Dev asks her what caused the fire. Radhika tells him that Rohan knows that she loves someone else. This makes Dev angry and tells her that he hates her. Radhika decides to enter into Dev’s house as choti bahu and wife of Dev to gain Dev’s trust back. After all the confusion Dev’s family accepts Radhika and Dev relations and is soon to be wed. Because of the social norms society calls her an unchaste woman. To end this, Dadiji calls her off their marriage and fixes Dev marriage with Barkha. On the occasion of marriage, Barkha wanted to help Radhika and lies to her by saying that she has told everything to Dadiji what happened 12 years ago between Radhika and Dev and Dadiji has accepted it. Radhika, therefore, dresses up in Barkha’s wedding dress and take wedding vows with Dev. Seeing this Dadiji gets a heart attack. Dev’s family decides that they have to pretend that Dev is married to Barkha. Radhika performs all the duties of choti bahu. However, one day she Barkha reveals to Dev when he was unconscious that she loves him and Radhika overheard everything. Barkha realises this and plans to kill Radhika to get Dev’s love. Barkha kills Radhika. The story takes a twist, Radhika comes back, but this time Radhika is confident and fearless. This is because of Kanha, the god Radhika worships him, has concealed himself as Radhika to put an end to Barkha’s crimes, as Dev is made only for Radhika.The story features an ensemble cast including lead actors Rubina Dilaik as Radhika, Avinash Sachdev as Dev and co-actors who were roped in for a serial were Maheshwari Gopaldas Purohit, Rohan Harinath, Virat Gopaldas, and many others.