Damaged- A Fatal Pursuit of Love is a crime, mystery, psychological thriller, drama web series directed by Aarambh M Singh. The story was written by Shreyes Anil and Lowlekar. Damaged- A Fatal Pursuit of Love was premiered on Hungama Play on 6th June, 2018.
The story revolved around the femme fatale, promiscuous, brutal, callous serial killer and cruel, mad, happy cop, Abhay. Lovina gets along with men and then ultimately she destroys them completely. On the other hand, Abhay was obsessed with solving cases of the serial killers and he was tortured by his internal demons who mugged his human qualities
The web series consists of 15 episodes starting with the first episode of “The Wall” in which the missing case the famous painter is assigned to CBI with the Abhay who was leading the case, the second episode of “The Victim” in which the poet falls in love with Lovina on the other hand Abhay was investigating the case of missing painter, third episode of “The Trust” again the another case of missing poet was assigned to CBI, fourth episode “The Pattern” in this episode Inspector Dhruv cracks a pattern of the missing people, while Lovina devours everything which was given to her by her ex-boyfriends, fifth episode of “The Backstory” in which Bijoy tell the story of a young girl who killed her boyfriend, sixth episode of “The Ego”, seventh episode of “The Stalker” in this episode of Dhruv dies while saving Lovina from an attack, in the eight episode Vanisher hits the headline, ninth episode of “The Perfect Guy” in this episode the DIG ask the Dhruv to lead the case over Abhay, tenth episode of “The Backfire” in this Dhruv and Meenaxi manage to connect the Bakery through their individual investigation, eleventh episode of “The Fear”, twelfth episode of “The Trap”, thirteenth episode of “Keep Your Enemies Closer”, fourteenth episode of “The Revelation”, the finale episode of the season 1 “Game Over”.
The web series stars an ensemble cast including Amruta Khanvilkar as Lovina Birdie, Amit Sial as Abhay Singh Pariyar, Shreyes Anil Lowlekar as CBI Inspector, Suyash Joshi as Muskaan, Dhruvaditya Bhagwanani as Inspector Dhruv, Anil Charanjeet as The Stalker, Shruti Ulfat as Inspector Meenakshi