Fanney Khan Actor Aishwarya Rai Bachchan shared that she has developed the ability to focus on the positives in her life at very early

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has been recently featured in the film Fanney Khan alongside Anil Kapoor and Raj Kumar Rao. The actor talked about being effortless juggling in-between family and work. She shared that her trick is to be seem in effortless. She said that it is all that hard work all women or working housewife do but the choices are something which make them. The Bollywood star shared that they have to find the pleasures within their work. She further talked about her daughter Aradhya, said that her all pleasures are there and there is so much love to give it naturally. So in that section, there is no effort for her at all. She added that it is just planning.
In Fanney Khan, the actor played a small role of a popstar Baby Singh who is aspiring for other young aspirants including the central character Lata in the film. The film deals with body shaming and fat shaming like issues where Aishwarya herself, few years back walked to the red carpet of Cannes and criticised as carrying the post-maternity weight. Apparently the actor shattered all the stereotypes with her beauty and confidence.
She further shared that according to her, there is lot of negativity to balance the good and immense amount of positivity which received from various different phases of life. The actor revealed that she has developed the ability to focus on the positive side at very early. According to her, it is all about perspective and outlook.