Ghoul is an Indian Hindi language thriller-horror web video miniseries by Netflix originals. The web series is based on Arabic folklore monster Ghoul and is written and directed by Patrick Graham. The web series is set in a detention centre where terrorists are interrogated by military officials. Nida Rahim the lead character of the series was posted at Meghdoot 31, the detention centre where the thrill and action-horror take place. Tweleve officers and five Muslim prisoners who represents to two section of the society who are in conflict amongst each other, are under the supervision of Colonel Sunil da Cunha. Both Nida and Colonel Sunil have sacrificed their personal life and concept of the family for the nation. Nida Rahim’s father taught anti-national literature and was declared as a terrorist. And to prove her loyalty towards she won’t hesitate to arrest her father. Nida felt some kind of strange energy in the detention centre and it was suffocating for her. She was summoned to interrogate the most dreaded terrorist Ali Saeed who has recently been arrested. Nida is a smart woman and an intelligent officer who is a skilled interrogation specialist. The story gradually unfolds when Nida realises that the prisoner, Ali Saeed is a supernatural being. Ghoul represents how a woman can excel in stereotypically non-masculine activities. The exceptional performance by the actors in the web series and storyline is worth watching.
Starring : Rdhika Apte as Nida Rahim, Manav Kaul as Colonel Sunil Dacunha, S. M. Zaheer as Shahnawaz Rahim, Ratnabali Bhattacharjee as Major Laxmi Das, Mahesh Balraj as Ali Saeed, Mallhar Goenka as Babloo, Rohit Pathak as Captain Lamba, Robin Das as Maulvi and Surender Thakur as Faulad Singh.