Many parents frequently complain that their children spend huge amount of time confined to the sofa in front of TV or play video games online. In fact, with the advances in technology, children’s spare time preferences have altered significantly. More and more children are choosing a sedentary lifestyle. So what can parents do about it?

One thing parents can do is to encourage their children to take part in team sports. In fact, many people are lost when it comes to choosing the right out-of-school activity to engage their kids, but those who choose team sports realize that it helps their kids in different ways. As well as being a fun game for thousands of kids across the globe, team sports also offer a range of other options. Here are top seven benefits of team sports for your kid that are bound to turn their pastime into a useful activity.
1. Regular physical workout
Your child may be unwilling to exercise in the morning or run a few kilometers with you in the park. However, if you persuade them to play a team sport like basketball or soccer, they are likely to enjoy it because it is a chance to spend time with their peers. They can also get enough physical workout to stay fit. Playing sports provides enough exercise for hearts and body, it also develops endurance and stamina in children.

Combining mental an physical work is said to have a positive effect in school performance, so you are supposed to give team sport a serious consideration and let your kid get enough physical workout. 

2. Teamwork
The ability to work in a team is an essential skill that people need throughout their entire lives. By letting your kid play in a team you can make sure that they ultimately develop teamwork skills, learn to cooperate with others and feel that each team member has their specific role and position in a team and the victory depends on each team member’s commitment.

Teamwork also helps them to participate in various school projects and competitions in which they have to join their efforts to reach the final goal. In the long run, they will stand a better chance of working successfully in team projects in their future jobs. Two birds with one stone!

3. Building stronger relationships with peers
Another benefit is that team sports give teenagers a chance to establish stronger relationships with other team members. As it is important to work together toward their final goal, mutual understanding soon becomes a supplementary part of their activities. This may come in handy with other social situations in which your teenage child has to deal with various social situations. By and large, the sense of community can also be developed in childre through playing team games as they will be defending the honor of their community in regional or national levels

4. Team sports boost self-esteem
By playing successfully, scoring goals, feeling their significant part in a team and realizing the contribution they make to the overall performance of their team, your child gradually develops confidence in their abilities and skills. This is essential in boosting self-esteem. Confidence is really important for a better school performance and in the community, so you are giving your kid a better chance to realize their potential.

5. Better discipline
Team sports also teach kids to be well-disciplined because it is crucial for their performance. By following the coach’s instructions, kids soon learn to abide by rules and are ready to keep their calm in stressful situations and learn to manage conflicts in positive ways. This may also be a positive influence on their relationships with parents as they start to behave themselves in a proper way.
6. Better time managementTaking part in team sports out of school time, completing school assignments and attending classes require a fixed daily schedule and by following all these activities on a daily basis, children will soon get better at time management. Team sports will encourage children to make time for all the necessary activities and find a healthy balance among all these things.
7. Stronger parental supportAs we all know, participating in team competitions is always stressful and children really need the support of their parents in hardest moments. Even though they are losing the game, children can still feel that their parents are standing by them and this strong connection can motivate them to achieve victory. This is also good for parents as they can make more time for their children and feel proud of their achievements when they are watching them play in the field.
If you are one of those parents who want to make their children’s spare time productive and enrol them in sport clubs, rest assured and observe how your kids are turning into well-disciplined young citizens. Kids will start behaving properly, they can understand that they need to follow instructions and that there are specific rules for different occasions. The team spirit may also have a positive impact on their relationships with their friends and other peers.

These are a few plus points of team sports. Those parents who regularly see their kids achieve victory and handle their school and social tasks with confidence can appreciate the merits of team sports. Whatever team sport it may be, the goal of each parent is the same. They all want their kids to spend their pastime in useful ways, become healthier and get rid of bad habits as well as develop their personal traits.

There is no doubt that team sports offer more than just an ordinary leisure activity. They have already become popular around the world and pitches, courts and fields are all crowded with boys and girls playing their favourite games. One can only hope that this activity will be more popular and attract wider audiences and kids of all ages. Parents are encouraged to think about the positives that their children can gain when they take up one of the team sports that they are interested in.