Happu Ki Ultan Paltan

In today’s world, with so much negative, disrespectful, and hateful people, it can be difficult to feel inspired. To see that shining light that makes sure stand up and do better – Be better.
How To Be Inspired?
There are many ways to be inspired, from watching sports stars, and games, to watching an amazing movie, to listening to a politician to watching painters work, to listening to a musical artist perform live. Let’s explore further, how one can be inspired;
Watching sports stars and game
If you were alive at the time when the late, GREAT, Muhammed Ali, was alive, you saw and felt what it was like to be inspired. How was a person inspired by Muhammed Ali? They watched him perform, dominate, become “Champion of the World,” in the ring, then watched him stand up for his right as a man, as a human being, as an individual, outside of the ring. Witnessing Ali from both angles touched “millions, upon millions, upon millions,” of hearts.
The NBA in the late 1980’s and all through the 1990’s had many “amazing” athletes, from Clyde Drexler, Patrick Ewing, to Allen Iverson. But one man stood leaps and bounds above the rest. One man dared to be great, “dared to defy gravity,” his Airness – Michael Jordan. Watching Jordan perform as like watching something so great, that it dared you to dream, dared you to imagine, “dared you to be inspired.”
Watching amazing movies
There are some movie watch and are left feeling entertained, and there are particular movies you watch, that make you feel inspired! In the 1980’s there were some ok comedies, some good comedies, and then there was Ghostbusters! Watching Ghostbusters, and seeing this phenomenal cast, put on phenomenal performances, with an absolutely breath-taking climax, is truly the epitome of what a comedy can be. Seeing Ghostbusters, made me want to be an actor, made me want to be a scientist – Made me want to be a Ghostbuster.
In the late 1990’s, there was a movie that touched the hearts, of millions and millions of people, that was both entertaining, yet sad, angering, “yet inspiring.” And that movie was – Titanic! Titanic opened the minds of people from all over the world, of a beautiful cinematic experience, a movie could truly be. Before the hight of comic book movies, there was (and still is) Titanic. A movie that has inspired people from all over the world, to become actors, directors, producers, cinematographers, and digital effects artists.
Watching a strong, empathetic, politician
In the 1950’s that one politician who’s name spoken, gave you a jolt of energy, who’s mere presence many millions of people feel proud to be in his presence, a man of honor, a man of dignity – John F. Kennedy. Kennedy stood, and stared, in the face of those who wished to do people wrong, and he said that he will fight them at every step, and every turn, no matter what it takes, no matter what it cost. Seeing incredible human being speak, was like witness the “sky’s sun” coming down to speak. A remarkable human being – Truly inspiring.
Listening to Music Artist perform live
In there 1980, there was a woman who stepped on the scene and showed the world something that they had never seen or heard before – And that is a breathtakingly beautiful, singing voice, That voice mesmerized, captivated – Inspired. That voice is Whitney Houston. Witnessing Whitney Houston perform, was like listening to a silky smooth voice, that had never been heard of, prior to those moments. Witney Houston is a true legend, a phenomenal talent – Truly inspiring.
Being Inspired;
Being inspired today is not as easy as one could hope it to be, but it is not impossible. When you are inspired, you become the strongest, the most driven, the most powerful, form of yourself. Being inspired is what creates great athletes, brilliant scientist, fascinating painters, incredible politicians, breathtaking singers, and talented actresses. Feeling a strong source of inspiration can drive you to fight for your rights, your right, to equal rights, your right to social change. Inspiration is not simply a here today gone tomorrow, thought, it is something that you feel deep within your soul. An energy that is pushing you to move forward, pushing you to go on. A force that you feel pulsating deep within you, that tells you to run, to fly, to glide, to soar. Being inspired is more than just surviving. It is more than simply “being.” Being inspired is living life in all of its true and full essence.
How To Inspire?
When you are at the bottom of your luck, back up in a corner – Have no money. no energy, none the resources that make life easier, “you still push forward. you still grind, you still fight. You still go.
The first person that is inspired by such a push is the person that stares back you in their mirror every morning. Then next one(s) to get inspired are those in your immediate realm, those in your immediate vicinity. Next, to get inspired, are those close to you, but outside of your home. And the next ones to get inspired, are those strangers outside of your home, that is witnessing a person rise above a level of adversity so high, that it simply MESMERIZING.
Do you want to inspire people, someone, anyone – Then be the best possible version of “you” that you can possibly be. An individual that when you smile in the mirror, the person looks at you, and smiles back.
Inspiring other people is not about what you wear, or what car you drive, how much money you make, 0r where you live. Inspiring people is loving, respecting, admiring, and appreciating every inch of your own being, as fight whatever’s thrown at you, as you stand up, and yell and should out to the world, I will not quit, I will not fall back, I will succeed – I WILL INSPIRE.
Be inspired for you, by you, “cause you,” are worth every form of inspiration.