Indian Matchmaking

This is an original reality docuseries by Netflix which features the famous matchmaker in Mumbai, SimaThaparia. She provides her clients across the United States and India with guidance and advice which helps them choose their ideal life partner. The series is as if every Indian parent’s fantasy has come to life, it dives deep into the customs and traditions of arranged marriages in India and talks freely about the advantages and disadvantages of the custom. The show even features traditions such as faced reading and matching the suitor’s kundalis for the enhanced Indian flavour.

Arranged marriage has been a topic of fear for most people in the country in this modern age and the show gives much valuable and precise insight on the matter. The series features different people from various walks of life who come together on the show to find their most appropriate partner. One of the most intriguing things about the show is that the participants come and got through all the episodes until they feel they have found their match. The people seem to have real conversations and the show feels very real even though we know most reality shows aren’t. The background of each participant is put forward vividly and they talkabout their problems with each other and try to figure out a solution for them.

The show has been released from mixed reviews from the critics with IMDb rating the series a 5.8 out of 10 on their website. Although the experts have given the series their fair share of criticism, the Indian audience has accepted the show quite nicely.