Jamai Raja

Jamai Raja is a drama, romantic is a television series helmed by Sangieta Rao, Jackson Sethi, Rohit Diwedi, Jafar Sheikh. It was produced by Akshay Kumar, Ashwini Yardi, and Meenakshi Sagar under the banner of Grazing Goat Pictures Pvt. Ltd. Jamai Raja premiered on Zee TV on 4th August 2014. Jamai Raja is streaming on Zee 5 as well.The story revolves around Durga Devi and her daughter Roshni who was in love with Siddarth Khurana. Durga Devi didn’t like him as she thinks that he is poor. Siddharth belongs to a rich family but portrays himself as poor just to change Roshin’s opinion about that rich people are heartless and spoiled brats. They both get married to each other and live like a middle-class family. Roshini soon learns about Siddharth’s lie and she leaves him. 6 months later, Roshini stays with her friend Yash Mehra in Bangkok who loves her, and Roshini’s mother wants them together. Roshini comebacks to India and meets Siddharth and she realizes that she still loves him. She misunderstood that Siddharth has asked for a divorce. This makes him angry and he takes Roshini to Family Court for divorce where the Judge gives them the time of 3 months to save their marriage. The serial takes a leap of 2 years showing that Roshini and Siddharth both have separated as Roshini thinks that her mother Durga Devi is died because of Siddharth. Roshini is going to get married to Neil Sengupta which breaks Siddarth’s heart. On the other hand, Neil’s family doesn’t like Roshini and they are trying to stop their marriage. Later Roshini and Sid dies in a car accident and everyone thinks that their son Karanveer also died but actually Satya the son of Roshini caretaker dies in the accident.
The serial again takes a leap of 21years, things have changed their son Karanveer has grown up. Neil and Ria are dead too. The love story between Karan and Mahi starts it is like same as their parents Siddharth and Roshini’s love story.The series features an ensemble cast including Ravi Dubey as Siddharth Khurana, Nia Sharma as Roshini Patel, Achint Kaur as Durga Devi and other co-actors who were roped in for a serial were Mouli Ganguly, Shruti Ulfat, Rehyna Malhotra, Shiny Doshi, Sanjay Swaraj and many more.