Hello, in this post we are going to discuss about The Kapil Sharma Show guest details and Kapil Sharma and other respective star cast in the news below.


Kapil Sharma Show Guest Details


In the Show, every week guest changes as we have heard in the news also celebrities have to wait and need to book appointment to come to the Kapil Sharma show. it is noted some of the small celebs do not even get the chance to come on this show. Basically, this is the one of the best platforms to promote anything as we know millions of viewers are attached to it. therefore everyone try to promote their respective films by coming as a guest to this show. The First episode started on 23rd of April 2016 now it is going to be a year for them.


The Kapil Sharma Show in the News


we will share some basic news on Navjot Singh Sidhu, Kapil Sharma, Sunil Grover and Kiku Sharda. these topics are going to be covered under this article. therefore kindly go below and check them out.


Navjot Singh Sidhu


who is Cricketer, politician and now he is a permanent guest at Kapil Sharma show, we all know that the politician stood in Punjab assembly elections this year from Amritsar west and have won the elections of MLA with more than 42000 votes. therefore he was Disappeared from some of the episodes. we all know Mr. Singh is a great politician, best shayar and on of the best cricketers who have played thousands of First class matches. he was in confusion when elections were going to take place.


he dislikes Badal and his family because of various reasons such as corruption etc. therefore he recommended Bhartiya Janta Party to get away from Shiromani Akali Dal. but they did not listen. then in rumors, he was going to join Aam Admi party popularly known as AAP. but he did not join it because of issues with Arvind Kejriwal. therefore on the right time as it is said by great men also “Hit the Iron when it is Hot” Capt. Amrinder Singh came. he convinced Navjot Singh Sidhu and attached him to the party. Wow, this was amazing. from Congress itself, Navjot Sidhu won an election with a great lead.


Kiku Sharda

Kiku Sharda once upon a time copied Baba Dhan Dhan Satguru Tera hi asra AKA Baba Ram Rahim Singh. when he tried copying Baba Ji, he got suid by Ram Rahim. therefore he had to go to jail for 1 or 2 days. then he apologised to baba and then he took his complaint back. this was the worst that happened to any of the Star at Kapil Sharma Show.


Kapil Sharma

The most famous news on Kapil is about when he tweeted about paying 15 Crore rupees tax to the government of India and also have to pay 5 lac rupees bribe to Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC). this tweet got thousands of retweets in seconds. as it hyped the internet in the morning. the BMC appealed Kapil to provide the names of officers who took the bribe of Rs 5,00,000. after he did not disclose the names. hundreds of politicians asked him about it. now we all know The Kapil Sharma Show is on a great charge that is why people always wants to take some kind of action with him. therefore now the case has been registered against Kapil regarding false disclaimer of providing bribes.


Bombay Municipal Corporation disclosed that Kapil was trying to open an illegal office in his house. which was against the law, when officer denied that it cannot happen Kapil tried offering bribes and they again denied. then he tweeted and got trolled himself.


So this was all about The Kapil Sharma Show Written Details Episodes and other news about the show. see you again after reviewing another show of sony tv or any other channel.