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Often we think that driving Lamborghini or having that mansion is the true meaning of success. If that isn’t the case, I’m sure you must be asking yourself; what is a success anyway? Earl Nightingale defined success in his compressed narration as the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.
This definition of success by Earl has been echoed by many successful people. One of them is the master of the secret, Bob Proctor.
What is WORTHY IDEAL? In this article, you’re going to learn why you are successful and ways that you can put in place to come closer to that worthy ideal.
Reasons why you are successful.
# You Can See where you’re going.
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Am not trying to be rediculous. This is 100% true. When Martin Luther King gave a speech on the future of America, the majority of people didn’t believe in his AMERICAN DREAM. Martin Luther King was successful when he made that speech because through the faculty of imagination he saw the future of AMERICA.
Through an interview with a successful businessman. Earl Nightingale explains the response that the businessman gave when he asked him when he became successful. “I became successful when I was seated at the back bench without money because I knew where I was going and I knew I will get there”.
If you have a problem resonating with this truth then it isn’t your problem. It’s probably because of the way you’ve been conditioned into believing that success is hard to obtain. I’ll recommend that you perish that thought. The truth is you’re actually SUCCESSFUL!
# You’re always either into inspirational videos, seminars or reading about success.
Napoleon Hill wrote a book on how thinking can really turn your world around. He conducted research on highly successful people and found the truth behind the genesis of wealth has been linked to ones dominating thoughts.
If somebody is looking for success in a mirror then definitely it means the person is successful. Successful people definitely follow this unique path. They focus on personal growth and improving oneself. 

The concept of auto-suggestion can be explained here as to the reason for success.Auto-suggestion is the constant repetition of ideas through the conscious of the sub-conscious mind. People who look for success and constantly plant the seed in the fertile garden of the subconscious mind; you’re successful. As the story says, success isn’t always what you see!

# You’ve been failing.
I know this may look absurd for some people. Before you pull the trigger to criticize what about to say, pay attention first. Do you know the person who made electricity? What about the Right brothers? These successful who have brought us this universe failed a couple of times before succeeding.
What I want to tell you today is the importance of persistence. Failing is a step to success. Those who didn’t give up are part of the history of a massive successful ending. Let me make point clear- failing, in this case, comprise of a business, a goal that you set some time back, a business or any other thing that you were or still doing. Similarly, winning is also a good sign. YES, YOU CAN! That dream is still valid.
#you’re a dreamer.
Visionaries have always been prosecuted down to history. Successful people are great dreamers. In an interview in a show. Napoleon Hill explains what he told Andrew Carnegie (one of the richest man in America in the 19th century). He had told him that he will make more millionaires than what Carnegie has made.
He even joked on that he used to whisper to himself in the mirror on how he will be making millions. Look at the papers today. Napoleon Hill has made the majority of millionaires and billionaires more than any other person in America and across the world.
The famous Footballer Christiano CR7 has said more than once how his friends used to laugh when he told them that one day he will be the best players in the world. Still, fear ridicule? You’re progressing towards a worthy ideal; that’s SUCCESS.
What you need to do to bring your worthy ideal closer.
1. Have a vision for your dream.
A vision refers to a long range of activities that you’re going to follow to achieve your CHIEF goal. Right now, I have a vision board of how am going to be in the next 5 years. I have therefore decided what am going to do every day to make that dream come TRUE.
Having a vision keeps you to stay on track on the purpose of your living. You’re likely to be motivated if you have the vision to work with. You will achieve your dreams faster than you thought.
2. Create a routine that will guide you through.
We are living in a world where distractions are almost inevitable. If you develop a routine that will guide you every day, your worthy ideal will translate to reality in the very near future.Following a routine can be hard sometimes. You must forgo many things for this to happen. When it comes to maintaining consistency- DISCIPLINE is the main culprit here. 

3. Develop your mental faculties.
When I say, mental faculties. Am talking about your will, intuition, reasoning, and imagination.The will refers to the ability to focus on one thing with the exception of other things. Multitasking won’t do you any good. Research has shown that people who focus on one thing at a time are more productive. NOW YOU KNOW.

Combining your imagination and intuition can enhance your creativity in your area of action. �Follow your heart’ is a common term used to explain this. Your intuition can help you recognize opportunities and how you can deal this with circumstances.
4. Stay with positive people.Birds of the same feathers flock together. Stay away from negative whose life is to criticize everything you do. There is a psychological reason for this; be sure with people who support you.

Are you successful? Yes, good for you. On the other hand, if you think you aren’t. Go back and set a goal that you think it’s worthy of you. That is a success!