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If you are looking for the most popular cities to visit during your next vacation, you are probably stack. With very many options available, it is not easy to choose the best cities for your next vacation. You will need to make careful selections if you really want to enjoy your vacation. If you don’t know which are the are the most famous cities that you should visit then this article is for you.

In this article, we are going to look at some of the most popular cities that you should consider visiting at least once in your lifetime

Best Cities To Travel In 2019.

1. Paris, France.

One of the most famous cities in the world that you should visit is Paris, France. This city is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world receiving tourists from all parts of the world every now and then. More than 30 million individuals come to Paris every year to witness all that this magnificent city has to offer. There are very many attractions in Paris that you should witness, for instance, Louvre museums, Eiffel Tower, Notre-Dame de Paris. Paris has one of the most fantastic and thrilling nightlife that has no comparison and hence you should not afford to miss such fun. There are also various markets where you can go shopping while in Paris. For instance, the flee market where you can shop for anything you need. Paris is well accessible from all parts of the world and therefore coming here should not be an issue.

2. Manchester, England.

Another Famous city to visit in Manchester, England. If you have never been to Manchester then it should be your next city to visit. There are a lot of reasons why you should consider traveling to Manchester. For example, seeing the famous Manchester museum which is the largest university museum in England. This museum showcases the world best archeology as well as natural history. Another place you should never miss to visit while in Manchester is Heaton Park. Here, you can come with your kids and have tonnes of fun. This park is good for kid particularly during summer since they can enjoy playing football, ride bikes or fly kites. If you love football then Manchester is definitely the best city for you. While at Manchester you will have a chance to witness one of the biggest and most watched football derbies between two big clubs of the world which are Manchester United and Manchester City. Make sure that you don’t miss to a chance witness Manchester City and Manchester United playing one of the most interesting soccer that you can find elsewhere in the world.

3. Dubrovnik, Croatia.

Another popular city that you should consider visiting is Dubrovnik, Croatia. There are very many attractions here such as Stradun which is the central street in this city. In this street, there are numerous cafes where you can enjoy tea while appreciating the cool weather in the city. You can likewise visit the Maritime Museum where you will learn a lot about world war. You can likewise go Dominican monastery museum that showcases Croatian arts, sculptures, music notes, manuscripts, and jewelry. Dubrovnik city is very interesting and has something for everybody so you should not leave your family behind. The people in Dubrovnik, Croatia are always welcome and security here has never been an issue.

4. New York, USA.

Another popular city that you should travel to is New York, USA. This city has something for every person and hence you should not leave your kids behind. Visiting the Times Square should be your top priority while in New York. Here you will have a chance to see the naked cowboy. Likewise, you will have more fun going to Central Park. While in this park you can enjoy trailing in the park and also watching the numerous sorts of wildlife found here. There are also very many museums that you should not afford to miss. There also uncountable spots that you can consider for one of the most lively nightlife. 

5. Amsterdam.

This is the largest city in the Netherlands and has a lot of things to do and see for individuals of all ages. Once you visit Amsterdam you will notice that even a week vacation is not enough to fully explore all that this gorgeous city has to offer. If you love nightlife then Amsterdam is just the perfect destination for you. The city boost of numerous cultural destinations and has thus been referred to as “Festival City” as it hosts more than 75 festivals every other year. Cruising the canals is yet another thing you can enjoy doing while in Amsterdam. There are more than 165 canals some of which were constructed amid the 13th century. On a sunny day, you can go to Vondelpark and enjoy your picnic alongside other individuals from all parts of the world.

6. Rome, Italy.

Rome, the capital of Italy should be on your list of the next destinations to visit. It becomes the capital of Italy in the year 1870 and is referred to as the “historic city” since it has a lot of history over the years. Everywhere in the city, you will see buildings and monuments that tell a lot about the history of the then great Roman empire. While in the city you will see the great Colosseum where free games used to be held. There were fights being held here to the pleasure of the crowd. Participants in these fights included criminals and slaves who would fight to the death as the crowd cheers. You can likewise go to the Vatican Museums which add up to a total of 13 museums which showcases different collections. You will also witness the biggest Christian church in the world i.e St. Peters Basilica. The church is believed to be built where St. Peter was buried during 64AD. You can likewise consider going to the Circus Maximus which is the biggest stadium in Rome. This where chariot races used to be held. It dates back to the 6th century BC.

The above are some of the most popular cities that you should visit during your next vacation. You will always leave wanting to back anytime you visit any of these popular tourist destinations in the world.