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Motivation is a feeling or emotion that encourages someone to do something they’ve always wanted to do, and there are so many ways to start.
Establishing and Setting Your Goals:
The best way to motivate yourself is to recognize, establish, and set your goals. Maybe you would like to be a doctor, a singer, teacher, actor or actress, etc. Whatever your ultimate goal is set it. Now the next thing to do is to determine how far you are from said goal, and what steps are necessary to achieve it. After that make a goal, within a goal, within a goal. Set simple, small things which may seem unrelated at first, but after a while you’ll finally look up and look around to see just how far you’ve come.
Music is a very large part of motivation, it can help you build up your energy and bring out a very positive feeling. Some people listen to music to help them stay motivated to exercise, as well as other physical activities, such as cooking or cleaning. Others may need music to think or brainstorm, helping them with their studies, and work. Music can motivate you to become creative, you can have a potential breakthrough in your book, or find your aesthetic for art and photography, and maybe find new, different ways to express your self and your passion. Music can also relax you, engaging you to go to sleep earlier for a more productive day.
It can even be the first thing you hear when you wake up, to help you feel more energized. Therefore music is an amazing way to motivate and stay motivated.
It can be hard to motivate yourself at times, and that’s where friends come into play.
Having those figures around you are basically the closest thing to a mirror you can possibly find.
Your friends can help you alot by telling you the honest truth about something, thus helping you find something else that suits you even better. And maybe the friends that are there with you share the same passions as you do, for example: a book club, a sports team, a group for gaming, dancing etc. Having friends who enjoy the same passions and activities as you, can not only motivate you, but you can help motivate each other.
Research Your Role Models:
Almost everyone has that one person that inspired them, pushed them, and motivated them to their passion.
Also known as role models.
Having a role model is a great form of motivation, they have somewhat perfected the craft in which you dream of, and offer limitless information in which you can learn.
Your role models don’t necessarily have to be celebrities, they can be your parents, teachers etc.
You can study and do research on your role models if they have a performance, a sports game, a speech, an interview, almost any thing that they do that involves your passion you can most certainly learn from, and thanks to the Internet that information is fairly easy to find.
Don’t Take On The Such A Big Work Load at Once: Sometimes it’s better to do things in a smaller portion, because doing things in such a large work load, can be daunting and exhausting which can end up being more stressful, rather than fun. Ultimately this will eventually make you not even want to begin in the long run, which is another way of saying you’ll start to procrastinate. So take your time, and don’t burn yourself out. A way you can stay motivated about doing something is to set small, reasonable goals, and to take breaks in between the day to stay refreshed and relaxed, so you don’t get tired of doing an activity so quickly.
Keeping Track:
Keeping track of your progress is something that can be so motivating and rewarding. Lots of people are not that good at something when they are first beginning, but over time they save their work and continue to practice more and more every day. Until one day, they look back and find out that even though it didn’t seem like they were making that much progress, if any, they were, and the changes were drastic.
Keeping a Positive Outlook After Setbacks: Of course in life there are always going to be setbacks to your goals and dreams, and you need to have a positive outlook after said failure or setback. Some people give up after they’ve had a failure, some people don’t. Obviously failures can feel disappointing, but there are a lot of things you can learn from them. They can teach you, that a certain idea may not work, and make you become more adaptable, they can sharpen your mind and motivate you to do something phenomenal. All you have to do is to have the motivation to get back on your feet.
Surround Yourself With Positivity:
Things such as the posters in your room, the wallpaper on your phone or computer, can be great daily reminders to help you stay motivated on your dreams and goals.
Certain pages on Instagram, and certain channels on YouTube can help too. These examples of social media networks, tend to offer the best versions of things in life. This helps people by motivating them to keep going, stay working, not to give up, because that is what they are working so hard towards.
Something else that can help with that as well, is to visualize and daydream. A lot of people daydream for motivation, especially if their having a bad day, it tends to help keep you on track and to keep going.
Just Do It:
Nike had a fair point with that slogan. Sometimes just starting something could be your best bet , especially your passion, it could ignite just the motivation you need. There is so much to do and to see in this world. The infamous saying, “You won’t know unless you try.” still stands just as strong.
Hopefully now, you’re motivated enough to do it.