Raktanchal is a Hindi language crime drama video web series based on the real events that happened in 1980’s in Uttar Pradesh’s Purvanchal. The web series is MX player originals and is directed by Ritam Srivastav. The story revolves around the rivalry between criminal gangs of Purvanchal whose leaders are Waseem Khan and Vijay Singh. One is driven by greed and the other by revenge. In 1980’s Uttar Pradesh was one of the most corrupt states of India, and these two gang leaders were fighting over government tenders, elections and land ownership. Flashback from Vijay’s past reveals how he entered into the world of crime and became the gang lord. How Vijay the meek young intelligent boy who was studying to become a civil servant transforms and becomes a powerful gangster compliments the script. On the other hand his rival, Waseem Khan leaves no stone unturned to defeat Vijay. The web series is full of bloodshed and crime. The web series has skilfully recreated the 1980’s era of Uttar Pradesh where guns and mafias were common. The power packed performance of the actors and the storyline will keep you hooked and you won’t witness a dull moment. Every episode brings up a new character which will keep you engaged till the concluding episode of the web series. The continued twists and turns in the plot are binge worthy and but at times feels difficult to keep a pace with while watching.
Featuring : Kranti Prakash Jha as Vijay Singh, Nikitin Dheer as Waseem, Nikitin Soundarya Sharma as Roli, Vikram Kochhar as Sanaki, Pramod Pathak as Tripurari, Ronjini Chakraborty as Seema, Basu Soni as Chhunnu and more.