Directed by Nikhil Bhat and written by Shantanu Srivastava, Rashbhari is an Indian romantic drama film that was released in June 2020 under the joint banners of Anm Global, Applause Entertainment Ltd and Ding Entertainment. Streaming on the Amazon Prime Video platform, the web series Swara Bhaskar, Sunakshi Grover and Ayushmaan Saxena in the lead roles.The plot of the film revolves around Nand who fell for his young English teacher among a rush of other men. When he discovers her alter-ego, the sex-obsessed spirit of Rashbhari, their relationship turns to a different level. It is now up to Nand to save her from an ongoing witch hunt that was started by his own mother.The cast of the film includes Swara Bhaskar in the role of Shanoo Bansal, Sunakshi Grover in the role of Rupali and Ayushmaan Saxena playing the role of Nand Kishore Tyagi in the lead roles. Other members of the cast include Neelu Kohli in the role of Pushpa, Pradhuman Singh in the role of Naveen, Chittaranjan Tripathy in the role of Tyagi, Akshay Batchu in the role of Bhalla, Akshay Suri in the role of Vipul, Rashmi Agdekar playing the role of Priyanka and Manju Sharma as Manju in the supporting roles.The first episode of the web series features a total of 8 episodes. These are as follows:
Episode 1: Mrs. Raavan Ka Maayka
Episode 2: Jasoosi Ki Duniya
Episode 3: English Speaking Fast Fast
Episode 4: Madam Ke Husband Bhole Hain Bade
Episode 5: Bhootni Ke Jalwe
Episode 6: Lag Gayi… Lottery
Episode 7: Pushpa Ka Plan
Episode 8: Climax