Ratri Ke Yatri

This is an original series by Hungama Digital Media, it is an anthology series that show five exceptional stories about the red-light areas which are sure to stir up innumerable thoughts in your mind. Each of the five stories sketches through a leading character’s life of incompleteness and follows them to the point where they are looking for something which includes love, physical pleasures, or refuge from someone.

The stories follow a man who hates himself for being a prostitute’s son but eventually has a realisation in a place which he hates the most; an elderly individual is not at all apologetic about his carnal desires and refuses to be humiliated by the society; a rejected lover who accepts reality and tries to start his life in a new way; a teenager who just turned into an adult and is eager to lose his virginity; a swindler who lives on robbing other people’s possessions is robbed of something which was very dear to him. The show truly portrays how even a single night of realisation can change your life forever. The show is produced and directed by Anil V Kumar.

Some of the key performances in the show can be shortlisted as Barkha Sen Gupta playing the role of Nishaat, AvinashMukherjee in the role of Rudra, Akashdeep Arora in the role of Chakrapani, Renee Dhyani in the role of Sudha and Shiny Doshi playing the role of Kavita. Other notable performances in the show include Iqbal Khan playing the role of Garry, Anju Mahendru playing the role of Faraz, Indresh Malik in the role of Salim, Ashutosh Pandey in the role of Ravi and Sudhir Pandey playing the role of Chacha.