Another shocking track is all set in ye hai mohabbatein


Pihu to be kidnapped in coming episodes of yeh hai mohabbatein….yes our readers as the rumour market is quite high with the news that the sweet little pihu will be kidnapped by the fake gulabo aka nidhi.

Nidhi who was behind the bars because of planning and ploting a kidnapping of ruhi and forcing her to live a fake identity.Nidhi who was entered in the show as the ex- lover of Raman bhalla who proved a real and greater vamp than Shaun.Nidhi wanted to marry Raman inspire of knowing  the the fact that Raman is married to ishita and both of them are living a very happy life together.

Ye hai mohabbatein is the adaptation  and is based on the novel custody.

The serial portrays a positive image of step mother.The serial shows that how the bonding develops…how a girl child of 5 years develops a feeling for her neighbour who is completely stranger for her.But she(Ruhi) feels safe with ishita and wants to be with her rest of her life.

Ishita who is a dental surgeon by profession born and brought up in madrasi family eventually decides to marry a Punjabi man Raman so that she can stay with ruhi.As Ruhi is Raman’s daughter .But Raman’s ex- wife shagun doesn’t leaves any stone unturned to create problems in Raman ishita’s life but she never gets success while in creating problems  in their lives neglects her son aditya Raman’s son whose custody has been given to shagun after divorce.Aditya who hated ishita starts respecting ishita after seeing her concern for Ruhi.After one fine incident where aditya’s life was in danger and ishita puts her life in danger to save aditya from that very moment aditya’s vision for ishita changes and he starts considering her as his mother and decides to leave shagun and stay with ishita and his entire family.

As the entire bhalla family was enjoying and celebrating their togetherness suddenly entered nidhi.As the entry of nidhi gave the serial a new topped television rating and the viewership graph eventually increased .nidhi’s planning and ploting against the entire bhalla family was liked by the audience’s and  was having a great TRP rating.

ye hai mohabbatein  recently took a leap of 5 years and after the leap again Raman and ishita are separated to get their daughter pihu back as pihu has been brainwashed by shagun  for her own benefit.But gradually the endless efforts of Raman and ishita and their elder daughter Ruhi helps them in bringing pihu back to the family and they succeed in this endless efforts by getting pihu back and the family once again unites.

This time too the directors and writers are well prepared to bring Raman and ishita together by reentering  the nidhi in the show to kidnap the pihu as Raman and ishita are staying separately because of some misunderstandings.It will be fun to watch in the coming episodes whether raman and ishita will be able to save pihu from being kidnapped .