Shubh Aarambh

Happiness is one of most significant thing in everyone’s life which helps to achieve the other things in life. Even though everyone knows about the happiness, most of the people do not know how to achieve the happiness and enjoy the happiness. Goal achievement, success, motivation, physical and mental well-being, joy and many more are coming with the happiness. So it is important to get closer to the happiness to in order to achieve the other things in life. There is no any age group or gender difference to be happy, happiness is important for all the human beings from birth to death. This article is going to flow down with the tips to be happy and importance of happiness.

How to Achieve Happiness
Following are few tips and things to change in life to find out the happiness in your life.
1. Be positive
First and most important thing is to be happy is to be positive. In every circumstance think the positive aspect and neglect the negative effect. Do not allow sorrow or sadness to be on the top, because it will make you negative. Think all the aspects in positive angle, even though it is a loses for you such as losing the job or failing an exam. Losing the job will lead to get a better job than you lose and failed exam is a lesson to face the next exam better. If you are able of being positive, you can make every opportunity of life to be happy. So being positive is the basic track which leads you to the happiness of life.
2. Enjoy the things you do
Whatever you do enjoy it, do not frustrate or hesitate what you are doing. I f you can not enjoy what you are doing right now shift it to an enjoyable thing. If you are doing a job, enjoy it every day by thinking the benefits of the job. If you are studying, enjoy and study whatever you are studying. If you can not enjoy change it into what you like, then you can enjoy and it will lead you to be happy.
3. Think about the strengths
Always think about the strengths you have and neglect the weaknesses, then by the time weaknesses also become strengths. When you think about strengths it is easy to achieve the things and be happy. Highlighting the weaknesses make you negative and it will discourage you to achieve the things, so do not allow the weaknesses to bloom, Strengths make you strong, encourage and motivate to achieve the life goals.
4. Be busy
Always try to occupy with something, because being alone or free gives time to think more and it will make depressed. When you do not have enough time to think and you enjoy the things you do, you can achieve the happiness. Whenever have leisure time do something that you like such as reading a book, handcraft activities, gardening, walk out, meet friends, cooking or etc. Making you busy makes you happier than being idle.
5. Happy now
Be happy at the moment, do not drag the happiness to the future. Most of the people delaying the happiness and they are thinking to be happy tomorrow. When you are thinking to be happy in future, that tomorrow will never come. So always make sure to be happy with what you have today and what you have done today. Being happy at the moment makes you happy every day rather than postponing.
6. Practice forgiving
Forgiving is one of major part of achieving the happiness to one person’s life. Forgive the past incidents, sorrows and etc, and then only you can begin the happiness. Until you forgive the past and the people who ever depressed you, you can not reach to the happiness. Through forgiving you can come out of the sorrows and worries. Even though it seems a difficult task, you can do it gradually to be happy in rest of life.
7. Smile more
Find out the reasons to smile whenever you can as well as try to make others also smile. When you see something or when something happen takes the positive side of the incident and smile on it. Same time does not forget to treat others also with a smile. This may be hard and it may take time to practice but give it a try and add a smile to your face and heart. All these smiling increases the happiness and it helps to improve your physical and mental well-being.
8. Regular exercises
Exercise also related to happiness even though we do not much consider. Regular exercise allows to releasing the stress and feeling fresh. So by doing exercise regularly allows to releasing the day to day stress and making you fresh and happy.
9. Get together with others
Whenever its possible make sure to be with people who you love most such as family, friends or partner. Spending time with loved ones make you feel happy and strengthen the relationships. When you are with loved ones, you can express your feelings, opinions and questions freely and those things make you happy as well as you can overcome from depression and stress. Gathering with loved ones make you satisfied, motivated and enthusiastic.
10. Give importance for real happiness
Most of the people believe that happiness is with money and other physical things. But in reality money and other physical things can not ensure the happiness, it is something with mind and feelings. Without money and other things also a person can be happy. Sharing the things that you have makes you happy than keeping money only with you. Happiness is totally feelings, not the physical things.
Through above tips anyone can ensure their happiness. Most of the tips may be seems like difficult, but if you give it a try you can achieve it. All these tips and points highlight that you are the one who is responsible for your happiness. No one can blame others for stealing their happiness, if you determine to be happy now itself you can be happy. So simply determine to follow the happy tips and make your own happy life.