Sufiyana Pyaar

Tips on how to get the cheapest car insurance

Car insurance sometimes can be an expensive bill to car owners. There are ways to reduce this expense by purchasing more affordable car insurance. There are various factors that insurance company consider when giving insurances such as

1. Where you park your car
2. How often you drive your car
3. Driver age
4. Driving record
5. Type of car
6. Credit score
7. The city.

Some of the things to consider when applying for car insurance to help save on money include;Checking discounts

Before buying an insurance policy is important to mention it to friends or family because it may help you get an affinity discount. Affinity discount is the discount you are given for your car insurance if you are either a government employee or work in the military or if you have someone close who might be in that occupation. You may also get a discount if you are a senior or undertaken additional driving courses. It’s thus important to clearly state your occupation or any extra driving courses you might have learned; it might help you save on money and get the best insurance deals.

Include a more experienced driver to your insurance policy
Car insurance companies tend to give better rates to older and more experienced drivers who have safely avoided traffic and accidents over the years as compared to new drivers or drivers with bad driving records.

Research and compare car insurances

It’s important to research different car insurances and compare their rates to help in saving on money and get the best deals. Some sites like provide one with information about different car insurance companies and their coverage plan. You can use online quoting websites such as that will help give you fast and cheapest insurance companies. Research also for suitable coverage for your vehicle.

Pay insurance premium annually

It’s cheaper to pay for premium yearly as compared to paying them monthly because you tend to spend more.

Pay your insurance on time.

Avoid prepaying insurance as this increases the money spend on insurance policy by overpricing the premium. By prioritizing your insurance policy, this helps you to save on money. Allowing your insurance premium to be directly paid from your bank account can ensure you pay on time. By paying on time, it can help in avoiding additional fees that insurance companies tend to charge for paperwork and processing of your bill.

Downsize the car

If you want to save on money when it comes to covering your car, then get a smaller car since the larger and expensive the car is the more valuable is the insurance coverage.

Increase your deductible

The more you agree to pay for your deductible, the less your car insurance will cost. If you decide not to take liability insurance its important you keep your deductible amount in a saving account to avoid been caught unprepared.

Decide on if you need a comprehensive and collision
Sometimes it’s much cheaper to replace your car in case it gets damaged than paying for comprehensive and collision coverage, especially if the car is older or has high mileage that cost low on resale. It’s thus essential to compare the cost of carrying coverage and the value of your car.

Improve your driving record

Safe drivers usually get the best insurance rates. Sometimes reducing the frequency occurrence of an accident in your driving record can encourage the insurance company in lowering your rates. Nowadays some insurance company are using a device called telematics that is used to monitor the driving habits of drivers and transfer the information to the company’s system, and this can help in giving the drivers better insurance deals and reduce on rates.

Improve credit score

By keeping your credit score high can encourage your car insurance company to give you good deals. This is because most insurance companies link up with banks to give discounts has a reward for continuous usage of the credit card.

Consider pay-per-mile insurance

Especially if you don’t drive many miles and you are a safe driver this insurance can help in saving money. This insurance gives you a discount based on how you drive, where you drive at, and how safe is your driving. Some of the insurance companies include; progressive and state farm and all state insurance.

Consider local and regional insurance companies

According to research, smaller and regional insurance company tend to offer the best insurance deal with lower rates and ensure customer satisfaction that well-known companies.

Make use of competition.

Due to an increase in the number of insurance companies, there is an increase in competition between the companies. As the buyer you can play with the competition to get the best deals and discount this is by mentioning the discounts, you were offered by one company to another company, and this might give you a discount.

Look for cash back offers.

Cashback websites such as Ebates, Extrabux, and shop at home usually post discounts, deals and special promotion that is given as a reward for continuous usage of the websites. You can also check for coupons that may appear as an advertisement but can inform you about good car insurances that you can get depending on the type of vehicle.

Always review your insurance coverage.

Its recommended that one review his/her insurance coverage after six months this ensures you keep being updated about their rates since some of the insurance companies tend to increase their rates while other companies lower their prices slowly. This will also prevent you from paying more for insurance during the renewal of the policy.

Your vehicle coverage depends on your personal choice, and thus, it’s essential to be smart when purchasing for insurance. Ensure you thoroughly research on various insurance and don’t base your purchase on advertisement since no single insurer offers a lower price for everyone. Compare the value of your car against the cost of full insurance coverage. You can also store the vehicles that you are not using or you can sale them.