Tera Kya Hoga Alia

Have you ever been inspired by somebody such that you felt happier, healthier, and more hopeful about the future? If yes, then you understand exactly how positive inspiration can change somebody’s life. Inspiration is influential. What about returning the favor by making a positive impact on the life of someone else? It could be your family, friend, or colleague. If you are considering inspiring someone to be a better version of themselves, take a long at these simple ways on how to inspire people effectively.

1. Care

First of all, you have to be a caring human being to be able to inspire people. People will only accept your inspiration if they see that you care about them. So, use your words, body language, and actions or acts of kindness to show that you care about the person you are inspiring. Always offer caring greetings like, “How are you doing?” and more.

2. Be Enthusiastic

The powerful words, “enthusiasm is contagious” may sound cliché, but they remain true to life. Let your personality be a consistent reflection of enthusiasm to the people that you are inspiring. Always give them genuine smiles, caring concern, and positive energy. Then watch them return it ten-fold.

3. Earn Trust

Trust is very important, and the people you’re inspiring have to trust you enough to share their secrets with you. Trust can only be earned, and it takes a long time build it. However, trust can be destroyed in a second. So, stay away from workplace gossips or social media drama that can easily ruin your reputation and take away the trust people have in you.

4. Build People Up

With small compliments here and there, you brighten somebody’s day. It doesn’t matter how sad or hopeless the person may be feeling. For example, look for a work mate in the office that is wearing a frowning or sad face. Just tell them something good like “You look cute (or handsome) today” and watch how bright their face will become instantly. Note that the compliment has to be genuine and appropriate, contextually.

5. Stand Your Ground

Life easily stresses people to the point of weakening their inner-strength. However, if you want to inspire people, standing your ground through thick and thin is inevitable. You should be able to stand firm even in the midst of the worst of circumstances. That would be very inspiring for people around you. To inspire people, you need to display positive thinking, a zeal for continuous improvement, and a never-give-up-attitude.

6. Admit Your Flaws

Every human has flaws, and if you cannot acknowledge yours, you can’t inspire. You need to be able to draw inspirational lessons from your flaws. When you humanize yourself by admitting your weaknesses to the people, they will feel more connected to you in a deeper level. That’s just nature. People like to learn from others’ weaknesses.

7. Be an Active Listener

Most people like talking, unlike listening. Being an active listener is very important because that’s how you will comprehend everything someone tells you. Maintaining eye contact is key when listening to someone’s problems. Asking follow-up questions is equally important. That portrays that you care about the person, their problem and are ready to know what they are experiencing and the source of the problem. That makes them feel important and loved.

8. Give Constructive Criticism

If your criticism is not constructive, don’t deliver it. Also, make sure your positive criticism is solicited. People normally get upset when criticized for their flaws by uninvited people. If you are identifying somebody’s flaws in a criticism, make sure you include their strengths too. Constructive criticism is about being positive in the way you talk about everything, including their weaknesses.
9. Remain Calm and Cool

The reaction people display in the face of insults or criticism shows whether they can inspire others or not. Responding to hate with hate shows that you are not different from the person who is confronting you. No matter how harsh an insulted is, it should never distract you from being calm and cool. Getting upset in this situation cannot inspire anyone. Remember, that they are watching you. And if you keep calm and cool, it’ll encourage them to behave like you in that situation.

10. Share Your Influences

Have you read any books that have had an impact on you? What about other sources of inspiration that have helped influence your most important decisions in life? What shaped you into this inspiring happy, positive, and healthy person you have become today? Answer these questions with passion and others will benefit and be inspired.

11. Stay True to Your Personality

Many of us have wide-ranging “selves” that show up according to the social situations we find ourselves in. We have different personalities at home, work, and with friends. Putting on all these different shows is pretty exhausting, and the people you are an inspiration to will be disappointed in you. If you are too uncomfortable in your personality that you have to pander to different groups of people, nobody will trust you. Be you and remain you unapologetically.

12. Explore Alternative Ideas and Thoughts

No one knows all the answers, but if you meet somebody who thinks they have, don’t trust them. So, always build yourself up by challenging the beliefs you have held for long. Are you fiscally conservative or progressive? Explore deeply reasoned pieces from someone from the other side of the political spectrum or culture to have another angle of reasoning. If you’re an atheist or Christian, also explore the mind of highly respected Muslims and understand what their belief is and why.

It’s not about changing your mind but about knowledge. Such openness will portray to others how firm you are in your convictions that you are challenging your beliefs. You will as well understand and trust people you differ with. That will equip you to be able to inspire different shades of people based on your knowledge of who they really are.

Is there someone who looks up to you for inspiration? How well can you help them take that positive step towards a better life? Or has someone inspired you to triumph over some significant struggles? If yes, leave us a comment in the comment section below.