Tu Mera Hero is a comedy, romantic- drama soap opera TV series helmed by Vikram Ghai. It was produced by Shashi Mittal and Sumeet Hukamchand Mittal under the banner of Shashi Sumeet Productions. Tu Mera Hero premiered on 22nd December, 2014 on Star Plus.The story revolves around Titu who catches the attention of a girl called Panchi. Panchi introduces herself to Titu. One day Panchi goes to a magic show arranged by Titu. The spellcaster calls Panchi on stage, but unexpectedly bull frightens the spellcaster and audience when bull comes charging towards Panchi. Titu saves Panchi from the bull and from then Panchi falls in love with Titu. Titu’s father gets angry on Titu actions as he made a loss of 1 lakh rupees in a magic show, he threatens Titu to take his bike away if he fails in his exams. Titu puzzled by his exam results. Later, Titu gets to know that his result is exchanged with Panchi’s so, Titu’s father apologies to Kamlesh Panchi’s father. Govind Narayan reprimands Titu by seeing the result.Later on, Panchi shares her feelings for Titu to her best friend Rachna. But Panchi comes to know that Titu likes someone else. So as a friend, Panchi helps Titu to impress Ruhi. Titu’s heart brokes when he learns that Ruhi loves someone else. In the meantime, Titu’s marriage gets settle with Panchi.
Titu doesn’t have any feelings for Panchi and even on the day of marriage, Titu vanishes but later on, he reaches on time to the venue, and they both tie the knot. In this way, Titu and Panchi married life started. Disheartened Panchi confronts Govindnarayan for hiding Titu’s laziness. Govindnarayan tries to prove Titu’s innocence to Panchi. Later on, Titu’s father promises Panchi that he will help her in making Titu a working man. Meanwhile, Titu realises that he loves Panchi. The whole story is about making Titu to work, to change him from a lazy boy to a working man.
The series features an ensemble cast including Priyanshu Johra as Titu, Sonia Balani as Panchi, Akhilendra Mishra as Govindnarayan, and co-actors who were roped in for a serial were Amita Khopkar as Surekha Agrawal, Madhuri Sanjeev as Rekha Agrawal, Gaurav Nanda, Pooja Sharma as Vaishali Agrawal and many others.