Untouchables is a Hindi language courtroom drama video web series directed by Krishna Bhatt. The web series is streaming on Vikram Bhatt’s VB Theatre on the Web. The story is based on Amanda Knox, an American activist and writer who was imprisoned for four years for the crime she didn’t commit. The web series has a total of 10 episodes which shows the struggle and difficulties faced by Amanda Knox. This is one of the most American courtroom cases which has been given a Indian feel by Kirshna Bhatt. The story is centred around a medical student Natasha Narang who is working as an surgical intern at a hospital and escorts at night to finance her education. Her life takes a ugly turn when she wakes up next to her wealthy customer, who was lying dead. She ran from the crime scene wiping of the blood stains from her dress. When Natasha’s fiancé came to know that she was being working as an escort he wasn’t able to digest the fact. Her image was ruined when the cops came to her hospital where she was working as an intern and arrested her. Her dad works as a chauffeur for Aakash Awasthi, the 48 year old lawyer, to take up her case because he is the only one who can save her for the death sentence and prove her innocence.
Sreejita De is playing the lead character of Natasha and Vikram Bhatt playing the role of Aakash Awasthi as the lawyer of Natasha. Other in the cast are Amal Sherawat as Inspector Jadhav, Vishal Dave as Hacker, Sohrab Khandelwal as Nikam, Arbaaz Ali Moghul as Goon, Aniruddh Dave as Nikhil Narang, Sreejita De as Natasha Narang and Tithi Raaj as Kajal Khurana.