What Makes Poor People Poor?

A wise man once said that a little sleep a little slumber, and poverty will strike you like a deadly disease. This is the absolute truth. Poverty is not something that is natural, it is in your own hands, you are the person who chooses to be poor or rich. What you didn’t know is that you have the keys to be rich or poor in at your disposal. About 52% of the World population are poor people. How is this possible? One might ask themselves what is it that rich people are doing than the poor are not doing? You have to ask yourself so many questions. What is it that I’m not doing that these rich people are doing? Once you have those questions then you will understand why you are poor or why there is poverty. Here are some of the reasons why many people are poor;

1. They don’t save
Well, this is a characteristic of those people who claim to be poor. It’s because they do not save money. They live for the moment, any small amount they get they spend it endlessly in foods and other things. This is why they will rarely go far. Those people who are poor is just that they do not save their money and invest it This is the opposite of rich people. In fact, studies showed that most rich people actually wear simple clothes and shoes in order to save their money. So why spend your money when you have nothing left to save?
2. The poor want to look like the rich
Now, this is a problem, that faces every person who claims to poor. It is just that they want to look like the rich by wearing expensive clothes, eating expensive foods and living a luxury life when they have nothing. How will you then make a step forward if you are making ten steps backward? The best way of looking rich is to live like you are poor. In this way, you will be able to keep the little you have and do it with other important things. A wise man once said that imitation is limitation and this is absolutely true.
3. Relying on miracles and luck
This is the biggest problem with poor people. They are always waiting for a miracle to happen. They are busy waiting for a miracle from heaven to find them while they are still sleeping. Well, how are you going to be wealthy if you are not working for what you want? This is very impossible in fact it can never happen. You will still be languishing in poverty while you wait for miracles to happen. In fact, those people who get lucky are the ones who work for it. They set their goals and go for it.
4. They have a negative mindset
Well, the problem with the poor is that they have the ‘I cannot do this, it is very hard mentality’ How are you are going to make it if at first, you do not believe in yourself. Well, research has shown that poverty is caused mostly but people just sitting back and declaring that they can’t do anything because is hard. The hard truth is that nothing is simple in life. If it was simple then everyone will rich, driving their own cars, building estates, eating good food among other luxurious things. Unfortunately, on earth, that can never happen.
5. They don’t know when to seize the right opportunities
This is another problem by the poor people. They just do not know when they are presented with a golden opportunity on a silver platter. They keep on procrastinating saying that they will do it later. The problem is that time waits for no man. By the time you realize that you have an opportunity to make it, it will be too late and you will be left with greats. This is a major problem with poor people. On the contrary, rich people are so cunning when they see an opportunity and they never waste time.
6. Lack of good management skills.
Poor people actually are never good managers of anything when it comes to finances. You can try this out by giving them 1000$ and see what they do with it. The most likely thing they will do is that they will spend that money buying expensive foods and treating themselves out. This is actually wrong and believe me, you can never move forward if you live this way. Rich people on the other side are good managers of their time and money. They will spend well and make more money.
7. Poor people eat their seed
Poor people eat what is given to them for investment. On the other hand, rich people sow their seed. The life of a rich and a poor man is usually the same when the journey to prosperity starts. The only problem is that one person will sow their seed while the other will eat their seed. In the end, you will discover that one person is poor while the other is very rich, and they started at the same time. The problem is that the poor do not invest, they live for the moment while the rich invest in what they have. That is the biggest difference.
8. They don’t want new ideas
This is another bad trait of the poor. You will discover that when you bring to them a brilliant idea, they will still fail to utilize it because they think that they are comfortable with what they are. They just don’t want to learn new ways in order to improve their lives. That is the problem with this kind of people. On the other hand, rich people read a lot, trying to get new ideas of how they are going to invest their money and make more money. This is the opposite of poor people.
In conclusion, if you want to get out poverty, then you better start thinking positively. Work hard and do not lay back claiming that everything is possible. Nothing is easy in life because if it was, then everyone will be doing it.

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