Entertainer Ansh Bagri, who was found in the show Dil Toh Upbeat Hai Ji, had tried Coronavirus positive a couple of days back. Subsequently, he was home isolated. Be that as it may, the entertainer has now tried negative and is outfitting to return to work. Discussing how he battled the pandemic, Ansh says, “I at long last have tried negative following 15-16 days of isolate at home.”

He includes, “Had this transpired 5-6 months back, the dread would have been extraordinary. In any case, presently at any rate we realize that it tends to be restored and isn’t fatal for everybody. Obviously it is fatal for a few however it relies upon invulnerability. I had mellow indications and they vanished in 4-5 days. Afterward, perhaps in view of my way of life, it didn’t hit me since I work out routinely and focus on what I eat. In any case, I got tried on schedule. In this way, I would consistently encourage individuals to keep their ways of life great and keep invulnerability solid.”

The entertainer trusts it is essential to kill any unfortunate propensities from one’s way of life and not let their watchmen down. “One ought to likewise keep away from unfortunate propensities like smoking since it influences your lungs. Coronavirus can be truly hazardous all things considered. Along these lines, I think this is an admonition for everybody that we ought to avoid negative behavior patterns from our lives. Despite the fact that I have tried negative, I will play it safe. I will wear a veil, have social separating and every one of these things and I would propose that everybody should play it safe,” shares the entertainer.