Punjabi artist Sara Gurpal, who turned into the first ousted hopeful of Bigg Boss 14, has opened up about her relationship with Punjabi artist Tushar Kumar. She focused on that her marriage with Tushar was damaging and that he is the most un-notable individual in her life.

Sara uncovered: “I think he himself said it, expressing that we have been isolated for right around four to five years now. It was a truly oppressive relationship and I think each young lady has the privilege to proceed onward, from something which isn’t (sound). Where was he for a very long time? The occasion ‘Bigg Boss’ started he began talking. He is the most un-notable individual in my life. In the event that he was that significant, he would have been there in my life.”

Around the time Sara had gone into the Bigg Boss house, Tushar had pronounced in the press that she had hitched him for a green card and that she was purposely concealing their marriage. Tushar Kumar delivered a marriage declaration to help his case. “I got hitched on sixteenth August 2014 in Jalandhar, Punjab India,” Tushar had proclaimed, “I feel that she got hitched to me just to get notoriety and citizenship of the USA. She left me since she didn’t get any exposure from my side.”

Sara currently counters, saying: “The day I went in (to the Big Boss house) he was prepared with this! For what reason? He simply needed acclaim. I couldn’t care less about it and that is the reason he was all over the place. He is the most un-significant for me. My life, family, profession, and wellbeing is much more significant. There will be 1,000 individuals expressing 1,000 things.”

“OK, there was a marriage and he did whatever (he needed to). What else does he need? I have experienced hellfire. I don’t think any young lady or man has the right to be in such a circumstance where the individual needs to manage mental and physical injury,” she included.

Unexpectedly, the lady Tushar wedded is referenced as distinguished as Rachna Devi in the marriage endorsement, however he creates a few photos including the two, where Sara is seen wearing vermilion and the customary red and white bangles as they present together.