A ton of inquisitive Bigg Boss fans are posing a similar inquiry: what amount did Sidharth Shukla get for his proposed 2-week remain in the Bigg Boss house? Significantly more than the other BB champs who have gone along with him this season, we can disclose to you that with guarantee. An entirely solid insider advises that Shukla was paid near Rs. 12 crores for his 2-week stay.Says the source, “There’s a ton of distinction between what Sidharth Shukla was the point at which he came as a challenger in the last period of Bigg Boss and what he has come to mean this season. Throughout the long term Shukla has become a significant star by means of the online media.”

Obviously, Shukla at first disapproved of the proposal of an extraordinary appearance during this present season’s BB. The zeroes on the check persuaded him in any case.