Produced by Nitin Kakkar, Sharib Hashmi and Umesh Pawar, Ram Singh Charlie is an Indian Hindi language drama film which was released on 28th August 2018 under the banners of Little Too Much Productions. Written and directed by Nitin Kakkar, the plot of the film focuses on the life of a circus performer with Kumund Mishra and Divya Dutta playing the lead role. The film was released on the Sony Liv platform and its associated partners. The film also features Farrukh Seyer and Adarsh Khurana in supporting but pivotal roles.The plot of the film follows the life of a circus artist, Ram Singh who used to play the role of Charlie in a circus. However, when the news of the circus shutting down effected Ram Singh in a devastating way. With no other means to earn his living, he starts to drive a rickshaw to support his life and his family. With the advice from his wife he decided that he should stop living the life of misery and start to make his own circus, so that he could return to his performing days. Yet again, tragedy struck Ram Singh and he still was not able to reach for his dream and it remains incomplete. After all that happened and hit Ram Singh, he was still unable to fulfill his dream. The film goes in great depth in its short span to highlight the sacrifices and struggles of a father.

The cast of the film includes Kumund Mishra in the titular role of Ram Sing Charlie, Divya Dutta in the role of Kajri and Akarsh Khurana playing the role of Nabeel in the lead roles. Other members of the cast include Ujjwal Chopra playing the role role of Protima’s father, Lilliput playing the role of the Hotel security guard, Salima Raza playing the role of Masterji, Puneet Parija playing the role of Rumi, Farrukh Seyer in the role of Shahjehan, KK Goswami playing the role of Cut, Rohit Rokhade playing the role of Chintu and Hemwant Tiwari playing the role of older Chintu in the supporting cast. The music team of the production team included Troy Arif, Suchismita Das, Arijit Datta, Rahul Ram and Abhijeet Shrivastava as the playback singers for the team with the lyrics penned by Raghav Dutt and Ravinder Randhawa.

The film was released on the digital platform, Sony LIV and was received very well by both the critics and the audience alike with IMDb rating the film a solid 8 out of 10 on its website. Film critic Rajeev Masand responded to film by quoting the hearting of the film being in the right place but the feels to predictable right from the very beginning. He further added that the strong and fluid performance of the cast made sure that the film did not fall apart. The Indian Express quoted the film to be of gentle optimism and it stays pretty much on point.  NDTV’s Saibal Chatterjee greatly praised the performance from the cast and especially Mishra’s performance was streaked with moments of brilliance. He quotes by saying that Kumund Mishra can easily slip in the skin of his on-screen character.