Saath Nibhana Saathiya is a family drama serial from Star Plus, the show has been on a very successful run for number of years. Its very commendable for the script writers to keep the audience glued to this show for so many years. Its a gujrati family show, based on family, inlaws relationship. The show for number of years has been posting very high ratings. Saath Nibhana Saathiya is an Indian tv drama series that released on three may additionally 2010. The series is broadcast international on famous person Plus, with older episodes transmitted on megastar Utsav. The collection is based totally on the lives of two girl cousins after their respective marriages. The serial is ready in Rajkot although episodes were filmed on place in Kutch and Switzerland. The display completed seven hundred episodes on 12 December 2012. Saath Nibhana Saathiya is the story of  cousins Gopi and Rashi, who’re completely contrary from each other. Gopi is an orphan who leaves with her Mama-Mami and cousin Rashi. She could be very innocent and is illiterate. alternatively, Rashi may be very sensible and grasping like her mom Urmila Shah. The story starts offevolved with Kokila Modi’s search for a perect bride for her son Aham. She chooses Gopi as her daughter-in-regulation. This makes Rashi and Urmila jealous of Gopi. Aham leaves his girlfriend Anita for his mom without knowing that Gopi is illiterate. to start with, the display specializes in the existence and arranged marriage of  woman cousins  and their contrasting personalities. Urmila and Jitu undertake Gopi  after Gopi’s dad and mom bypass away; she is left illiterate, naive, type and shy whilst Rashi, their personal daughter, is knowledgeable, outgoing, vivacious and foxy. it’s far the tale of how Kokila Modi – the stern, robust-minded mom-in-law of Gopi, transforms the latter into a confident and smarter female so that she gets regular by her husband. Rashi attempts severa unsuccessful attempts to create difficulties for Gopi, however in the end each cousins happily get conventional into their households and by using their spouses. Kinjal, Kokila’s daughter, gets married to Dhaval, Rashi’s maternal cousin. Gopi gives beginning to a daughter, whilst Rashi to dual boys. Gopi additionally succeeds in finding her lengthy-misplaced parents, who have been concept to be lifeless. The season ends with Gopi’s organic sister Radha killing Gopi and Ahem’s daughter, Meera, whilst Gopi receives the blame, and is thrown out of the Modi Bhavan.