Serious Man is a 2020 Indian Hindi language dramedy movie helmed by Sudhir Mishra. The film is based on Manu Joseph’s novel with the same name. The movie is produced by Sudhir Mishra, Bhavesh Mandalia, and Sejal Shah under the banner of Bombay Fables and Cineraas Entertainment and written by Bhavesh Mandalia, Abhijeet Khuman, and Niren Bhatt. The music is given by Karel Antonin and distributed by Netflix. The movie premiered on 2nd October 2020 on Netflix and running time is 114 minutes. The story revolves around a dalit man Ayyan Mani who is a personal assistant of the Brahmin scientist of the National Institute of Fundamental Research in Mumbai. He lives with his wife and 10-year-old son in a slum. He has been pissed off by the continuous humiliation and mockery. He wants to prove that one can’t judge others’ IQ on the basis of caste. The story unveils the reality of the world which is actually anti-dalit. He has been fed up and is constantly shouted upon by his boss Astro-physicist Dr. Aravind Acharya. Mani notices how his boss has been given VIP treatment and people are just awestruck by his knowledge. Mani aspires to get noticed by others. He wanted all this but now it is too late for him so he had all hopes from his son now. His wife Oja is unaware of his husband’s intentions. Adi, the son of Mani is a shy child who has difficulty in hearing.Adi was rejected by a convent school but after a few years when he was declared as the genius of Dalit Chawl he got admission to the school. He was called ‘Abdul Kalam’ in his chawl. Adi often looks out of the window during the class and when the teacher questions him why he is looking outside he talks about ‘arrow of time’, ‘photosynthesis for humans’, and when scolded he replies ‘I can’t deal with primitive minds like you’. Keshav and Anuja, a father-daughter politician duo get awestruck by the scientific knowledge of Adi. Mani’s plan of sipping the story of his son Adi being a genius gets out of control. With great performances and a good storyline this web film is a must watch. Starring Nawazuddin Siddiqui is portraying the role of Ayyan Mani in the lead role. He fits into the role effortlessly. A father who desperately wants his and his son’s life to get changed.Aakshath Das is playing the role of Mani’s 10-year-old son Adi Mani. His performance in the movie is commendable. He effortlessly plays the role of a child who is a genius in the first part of the movie and in the second part a child who struggles to remember things taught to him.Indira Tiwari is playing the role of Oja Mani, the wife of Ayyan Mani.Nassar is playing the role of Dr. Arvind Acharya, the scientist of the National Institute of Fundamental Research in Mumbai and the boss of Mani.The other ensemble cast includes Sanjay Narvekar as Keshav Dhavre, Shweta Basu Prasad as Anuja Dhavre, Vidhi Chitalia as Oparna, Pathy Aiyar as Udayan, Sameer Khakhar as Ganesh Tawde, Uday Mahesh as Dr. Namboodri, and Manu Joseph as journalists at a press conference.